Garden City Casino

Where to play casino games in the San Jose area

Some casinos in the area are bad options for any serious gambler because they offer games that offer the bank a too big edge. An example of this is that some offer black Jack tables that pays 6:5 instead of the regular 3:2 when  you get black jack. This improves the banks take massively over time. This is something you should keep in mind when you look for a new casino. You should not only try to find one that offers a nice environment and a good selection of games but one that also offer the gambler a fair chance to win.

You can choose to start playing at another offline casino or you could choose to start playing casino games online. Both options have their benefits. Playing online is very convenient and is a good way to be able to play whenever you want even if you do not have much time. Playing offline is a more complete and social experience. I think that the best option is to choose an online casino for every day gambling and an offline casino where you can go with friends and have some fun.

Choosing an offline casino

If you live in the San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley area  you have several local casinos such as the Bay 101 to choose from. I do however believe that with the quality of online casinos you should only go to a offline casino as a special treat, on special occasions. Your everyday excitement can be found in online casinos. With this in mind I would recommend that you drive or fly down to Las Vegas when you want to experience true casino excitement. No local casino can compete with the experience and professionalism that can be found in Las Vegas. There are daily Southwest airlines flights from the San Jose airport down to Las Vegas. It is one of the most popular flights leaving San Jose Airport.

Las Vegas offer a wider selection of games, a large selection of Mega Casinos and an unrivaled selection of other types of entertainment. It is according to me better to play online and save up money to go to Vegas once a year rather than going to local casinos more often. If you really like playing in offline casinos you can choose to do all your gambling at a local offline casino such as Bay 101. Bay 101 offer a good selection of games and a good cheap restaurant.

Choosing an online casino

Gambling at online casino is the by far most practical and easy way to play casino games in your everyday life. Online and mobile casinos makes it possible for you to play casino games and win millions at any time, regardless of where you are as long as you have access to an internet connection. There are a lot of different online casinos available out there. Most of them are serious and can be trusted but it is still a good idea to read up on a casino and check their reputation before you deposit money with them. If there seems to be a lot of complaints (very seldom the case) then it can be better to choose another casino to play at. Remember that not all casinos accept American players to avoid problems with the American legal system. If you, as an American, register and deposit money in a casino that do not accept American gamblers you risk getting your account closed down and loosing your deposits. Most online casinos will offer you a casino bonus when you deposit money and start playing with them. Some casinos will even give you some free money that you will get without having to provide a credit card number or deposit any money. This is called a no deposit bonus. This no deposit bonus is a great way to find out whether you like a casino or not.

The best online casinos comes from the Scandinavian market, since they have the best developed websites and mobile platforms. All Scandinavian online casinos can be set to English so that any player can enjoy the fun. The best way to choose an online casino is to visit Casino Guide that got a long list of casinos and bonuses that you can collect.

Some good online casinos

Below you will find a list of some very good online casinos:

  • Leo Vegas: Leo Vegas is a leading casino in the mobile gaming field. They offer both computer and mobile gaming but the main focus is on mobile gaming. This mean that they can offer a mobile casino that is second to none with a large selection of games. These games are optimized to work well with smart phones with touch screens. Leo Vegas is a reliable and trustworthy casino. They offer games from several different developers including NetEntertainment.
  • Casumo: Casumo is a casino with a twist. It is the worlds first combined roll playing game and casino. Or as they themselves put it, the worlds first casino adventure. In this casino adventure you explore the casino with your little avatar Casumo as your companion. As you move forward with your adventure your avatar will level up and you will find different treasures, perks and achievements. Casumo is one of the few casinos that actively encourage you to try new games every day. If you do that you can unlock free spins and other perks. If you are lucky you can also find new favorite games. Casumo only features the very best games and therefore feature a small but good selection of games. Casumo has a little over 100 games.
  • Mr Green: Mr Green is one of the very best online casinos. It has won many awards and when you visit Mr Green it is not hard to see why. The casino is very well organized and easy on the eye. They also offer all the best games from a long row of different game developers. This allows Mr Green to offer one of the best selections of games of any casino. They offer new bonuses and campaigns every week. Join and get a welcome bonus as well as free spins on the popular slot Star Burst.
  • ComeOn: ComeOn casino is a well developed casino that offers a large selection of games from a large number of developers. The casino is well managed and offer good support as well as good banking options. If you decide to start gambling at ComeOn they will reward you with a generous welcome bonus.
  • Titan Casino: Titan Casino is an excellent choice for anyone who looks for a casino to play at now that garden city casino have closed. They offer a large selection of different casino games as well as a large section where you can play on almost any sporting event. Titan also offers a popular poker room if you feel like playing a little poker.