Garden City Casino

The garden city casino was a popular low end casino in San Jose, California. The casino was conveniently located near the Mineta San José International Airport. This made it easily accessible by car and the casino offered easy parking. The casino was a popular destination for inexperienced gamblers and for people visiting the casino for cheap food.

The casino had mixed reviews on review sites such as Yelp and it seems like the standard this casino offered varied a lot in the years before they closed their doors. This is rather common in a failing casino that the owners still want to try to save. Improvements are made to raise the standard but when they aren’t as effective as intended than motivation is lost among the staff and the standard sinks once again until the next resurrection attempt is made. This is why you often can read about happy customers and horror stories right beside eachother when you read reviews for a failing casino, hotel or restaurant. It is not only that the reviewers have different opinions but also that the standard can vary a lot from month to month and sometimes even day to day.

The Garden city casino was at the time of its closing not really a gambler friendly environment. Catering more to those who want a fun night out rather than true gamblers. This was obvious in the fact that they offered games that offered the bank a very large edge. Examples of this can among other examples be seen in the black jack rules they offered. The gambler unfriendly black jack rules included:
– A USD1 rake on each hand played. This gives the bank a huge edge against mainly people who gamble for small stakes. At the cheapest tables, the USD 5 tables, this rake increased the banks edge to over 20%. At higher stake tables the edge is smaller but still too big to be considered fair gaming.
– Blackjack paid 6:5 instead of the regular 3:2. This does not make the same impact as the rake but it still significantly increases the banks edge.
The high bank edge meant that gamblers chosed to visit other casinon in the area such as Casino m8rix or chosed to fly down to Las Vegas where they could finder better odds, more games and more visitor friendly casinos. In view of all this it is not surprising that the Garden City casino now permanently have closed their doors.

We recommend people who used to visit the garden casino to choose another casino in the area such as bay101 or casino m8rix. Other alternatives includes starting to play in an online casino or to fly down to Las Vegas when you feel like gambling. If you are going to choose an online casino, we recommend that you take a look at the Scandinavian casino portal Casinon that got a massive list of great online casinos with generous bonuses.