A lot of people ask us whether or not it is safe to play in online casinos. Whether the games are honest and whether you can trust online casinos with your money. The quick answer to these question is yes you can trust your casino with your money and they do offer fair games. The long answer is a little more complicated.

The long answer is that you can trust most casinos. A very low number of casinos are less trustworthy and is best avoided. A good way to find out which casinos to avoid is to visit Casinomeister offers a very large list off different casinos with information on whether or not they can be trusted. On the website you can see which complaints have been lodged against different casinos and what casinomeister discovered when they investigated those claims. Some complaints are unfounded while others are found to be valid. Casinomeister maintains a black list with rouge casinos. Casinos that can not be trusted. Most rouge casinos are smaller US casinos but you can not assume that a casino is trustworthy just because they are based outside the united states.

Below we will look further into how you can make sure that you gamble at a secure trustworthy casino.

Fair Games

Most online casinos get their games from one or several third party developers. These developers creates games and allow the casinos to feature them against a fee. Example of large game developers include NetEntertainment and Microgaming. Example of smaller developers include Thunderkick and RabCat. These developers do not want to be connected to any scandal and they do therefore not allow the casinos to manipulate the games in any way. The software developer makes sure that the games are truly randomized and that the games offer the advertised pay out rate. The pay out rate in online casinos is usually a lot higher than it is in regular casinos and online games can therefore be said to be more fair than regular casino games. A slot in Las Vegas usually offer the casino an edge of between 5 and 12% (depending on stakes and location) . Online slots often only offer the casino on edge of 2% or even less. The edge when playing black Jack and roulette is the same online and offline. It should however be noted that these games can be played with a lot of different rules and offline casinos sometimes use rules that offer them a larger edge than the basic version of the game.

The game developers have everything to loose and nothing to gain by offering rigged games and they do not allow the casinos access that would make it possible for them to rig the game. You can therefore be 100% certain of fair play if you gamble in a casino that uses software from a well established game developer such as NetEntertainment or Microgaming.

Many rouge casinos uses their own game software or software from a less well known company. They often create a number of clones of the same casino with the same owner to give the illusion of being a bigger company than they are using a bigger software developer then they really do. You should easily discover this if you research the casino before registering to play with them. I recommend that you avoid playing in small casinos that use their own software. Hopefully they are honest but it is hard to be certain. Large casinos that use their own software like 888 casino is generally considered to offer fair play.

Keeping your money safe

Keeping your money safe is a little bit harder than it is to a make sure that the games are fair. A casino that do not pay their players never survive for long but a lot of players can loose their money in the short time they do survive.

A few casinos are setup as scams with the purpose to steal money. This is rather rare and these casinos are usually easy to spot. They are poorly built, use unknown software and sometimes do not offer you to play for free. These casinos seldom do a lot of damage. Few if any people get fooled by them. If you only gamble at well designed casinos the risk of getting scammed will be very low.

A bigger problem is once well managed casinos that encounter financial problems and are unable meet their financial obligations towards their players. These casino sometimes have a lot of players that have a lot of money deposit with the casino. Players that might loose their deposit if the casino is unable to met their obligations. There are several ways to avoid this from happening to you.

  • Choose a casino that have their license from Malta or other jurisdiction that require the casino to keep the player funds separated from the companies own money. This guarantee that the casino will be able to pay their players even if they encounter financial difficulties. Avoid playing in casinos that have their license from a jurisdiction that do not require the casino to keep their funds separated.
  • Avoid keeping too much money in your casino account. If you are lucky and win a lot of money I recommend that you withdraw some money to your bank account. Once the money is in your bank account you know it is completely safe guaranteed by the federal government. If you withdraw the money you do not risk end up loosing it again. It is not unusual that gamblers start playing with higher stakes after a big win and end up loosing all theĀ  money they won or more. By withdrawing your winnings you can prevent this.